Bridging the past, the present, and the future through human connections.

Connected Legends is a newly established online platform, connecting two distinct and disparate groups of individuals – the veterans and the newcomers. Our goal is to create a legacy (or a bank of knowledge if you prefer) for the new and future generations to look back on and learn lessons from the past. It’s also the aim of the platform to facilitate a dialogue between individuals of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds who have something in common: the passion for and the curiosity about technologies.


How Connected Legends came to life

Connected Legends Ltd. was founded in 2017 by Denise Kennedy and Fiorenza Mella. The platform originated from our personal experience in the media technology business (broadcast, IT, TELECOM, Satellite, IP, and PROAV). Sitting in the Grand Café, at the RAI, Amsterdam with a group of industry veterans at IBC 2016, we realised that the stories they were reminiscing about had all happened when some of us were still at school! They were talking about people, companies, products, events, and technologies that the younger of us had never heard of!


It suddenly dawned on us that if we (some of us have been around for almost 20 years now) were lost and had no clue what they were referring to, what must it be like for the newcomers, the millennials? Where do they go to find out about the history of our industry (or any industry for that matter), the technologies that have come and gone, the people who made a lasting impact, the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned? The serious tech stuff aside, wouldn’t they also like to hear about the good old days when there was so much money to spare that everyone who was anyone flew first class, had far too much fun at tradeshows and swam in champagne every time a deal was struck?



So, we’re encouraging the legends to share what they’ve learned and experienced throughout their career (for many, this can span a lifetime), giving the next generation gold mines of information and invaluable teachings to bring with them into the future. Past, present, and future will be bridged through human-to-human connections: laid-back one-to-one conversations.


What’s unique

Connected Legends is not another publishing house or media outlet. It’s a place where everyone in the industry can unite in the common goal of sharing knowledge – in a strictly non-commercial and non-competitive environment. It will be a platform where everyone can record their memories before they become as obsolete as some of the technologies that used to be…


Filling the gap

Today, the young blood arriving in technology industries are thrown into an environment which is led by individuals who are slowly reaching the age of retirement. This new generation has been born and raised with the Internet, smartphones, DVRs, tablets, and so on.


However, both millennials and Gen Zers have no idea or concept of what it was like back in the 1990’s, the noughties and way before. In the past 20 years, the world has spearheaded at an incredible pace and many technologies, companies, and people that have shaped the history of the industry are now extinct.



It’s our hope to create a historical record that traces the key technological challenges and achievements over the past 50 years… A central platform where memories, technologies, people, standards, questions and more can be recorded in the manuscript of history. Vital lessons can be learned by looking into the past in order to shape the future. Engaging conversations can inspire and influence the present and the future of technology. Connected Legends will be that “book of knowledge” and “community” that connects past-present-future that the younger generation is seeking.


Storytelling and human connections will be the key ingredients of this platform. Experiences are shared through high-quality content based on one-on-one interviews aimed at filling any knowledge gap that exists while sharing timeless memories of how it used to be. Connected Legends will be a network for technology lovers, where anyone can ask questions and anyone can share their technology anecdotes and challenges.

So, let’s use this platform as a place where everyone comes together in the common goal of sharing knowledge and expertise. A place where each one of us can record our memories before they become as obsolete as some of the technologies that used to be…

Connected Legends will be a central location in establishing a dialogue that will lead to unforeseen mutual benefits.