Fill the knowledge gap that exists between generations by sharing your experience and leaving a legacy for those coming behind you.


“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” – Jim Rohn


Are you in?

As an experienced player in your technology industry, we are reaching out to you with the opportunity to preserve our history, educate the leaders of tomorrow and help shape the future.


We’re encouraging you to share what you’ve learned and experienced throughout your career (for many of you, this can span a lifetime), giving the next generation gold mines of information and invaluable teachings to bring with them into the future. The past,  the present and the future will be bridged through human-to-human connections: laid-back one-to-one conversations.


Here are some examples of how you and your organisation can collaborate with us:


  • Have a key member honoured by becoming one of the first legends to be interviewed and chronicled in the book of knowledge.
  • Recommend key legends who in your opinion have marked the pages of your industry’s history and have them connect with us.
  • Connect with and influence the leaders of tomorrow – the millennials and the Gen Zers.


Remember that knowledge is of no value unless it is shared…

So, what legacy do you want to leave?