A place where you can access the legends of your industry, gain from their knowledge & help those coming behind you


“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”  – Gina Greenlee


  • Aren’t you curious about the past? 


  • Passionate about technology & what it can do? 


  • Inspired by those who’ve achieved the impossible? 


  • Do you want to join the conversation?


The aim of the Connected Legends platform is to connect you, whether you are just out of school or have been around for a few years, with the veterans of technology-driven industries.


This platform has been created so that those people who have been in the technology businesses for decades can share their stories with you about the challenges they faced & how they overcame them. Some of you will identify yourselves in those stories and many of you might find answers to questions you have been asking. What’s for sure is that they will spark inspiration of all sorts!!!


How Connected Legends will benefit you


The past, the present, and the future will be linked together through real human connections: laid-back one-to-one conversations showing the real people and personalities behind many of the technology breakthroughs of the past years.


You can: learn from the experience of those who have shaped a specific technology industry; hear about the technologies that never made it and those that have changed our world forever. You can also ask questions, as well as engage in and even debut a conversation.


So let’s take this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from the leaders of the past on how they brought their industry to where it is today – what challenges they faced and what lessons they learned. But it doesn’t stop there – you also get to share your knowledge of the technologies and trends of today & tomorrow!


That’s right, you were born into the digital age where multiscreen, social media and everything on demand is the norm. As an everyday user of these technologies and platforms, you too have valuable insights on how best to shape our industry for the future you envision.


Interested in taking your knowledge to the next level?


As a future leader of your industry, we are giving you the opportunity to acknowledge a relevant part of history, learn from and engage with the leaders of yesterday and play a role in shaping the future.


Have something to share that can be of benefit to others? We’re actively seeking young people, just like you, to become one of the first of your generation to be interviewed and chronicled in the book of knowledge…


Knowledge is of no value unless it is shared…

And, remember that one day, you too will be a legend.